Earn a Commission and a degree

Army ROTC is a college elective that allows you to earn a commission straight out of college as a second lieutenant in the Army National Guard, the Army Reserve, and the Active Army. ROTC consists of both academic classes and hands-on training. These mental and physical challenges will help you succeed in college and beyond.

Participation takes just a few hours per week, so it won’t interfere with other academic studies, sports or your social life. You will learn about leadership and teamwork, and have the opportunity to learn skills like mountaineering, rappelling and orienteering. It may be one of the best college classes you will ever take.

Like any elective it fits into your class schedule

ROTC is structured as most other college electives and gives you the opportunity to earn credits towards your degree. Enrollment, however, is not limited to students aspiring to be a military officer. Anyone interested in fine-tuning his or her leadership ability is able to participate in the program during his or her freshman and sophomore years without military commitment.

ROTC is one of the most flexible and accommodating college courses you can take. Although there is a strict training calendar, it is understood that you are a college student with multiple obligations. Academics come first!

Cross-Town Schools

Rutgers, Princeton, TCNJ, Rowan, and Seton Hall are host institutions for ROTC in New Jersey.  Students on other campuses in New Jersey may cross-enroll, participate, and complete the ROTC program through the host institution.  Whether you’re cross-enrolled or a host institution student, you have a unique opportunity to greatly expand your social and professional network, broaden your college experience, and surround yourself with some of the best people in New Jersey. 

ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) is a program that offers Army ROTC cadets hands-on experience in an Army National Guard unit. When you choose the SMP enlistment option, you are both a Soldier in the Army National Guard and a cadet in the Army ROTC Program. Upon graduation you will receive your commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, and serve in either the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, or in the Active Army.

Benefits and OpportunitIes

Army ROTC is one of the Nation’s top leadership programs, with many benefits to joining. Through ROTC you can:
  • Establish friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Gain leadership experience you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Earn the respect of your peers and future employers.
  • Scholarships, monthly stipends, and money for books are awarded.
  • Compete for a slot to Airborne School, Air Assault School, and other adventure schools.

How to get started

Check out the websites describing ROTC programs at Seton Hall, Rutgers, Princeton/TCNJ/Rowan. Then contact our ROTC Liaison