Admin / Relations


Guard admin and relations experts are the professionals who take care of the needs of Soldiers—and the organization as a whole. From human resources and finances to legal aid and religious services, these Soldiers provide responsive assistance to personnel needs. Essentially, they are the engines that keep everything running.

Because the Guard is a massive organization, admin and relations jobs mirror careers in the business world. Whether assisting an employee with their pay, managing career progressions or handling public relations for the organization, these Soldiers learn skills that directly translate to the civilian sector.

Military Occupational Specialties

27D Paralegal Specialist

Paralegal Specialists assist judges, lawyers and unit commanders with legal matters and judicial work. They provide legal and administrative support in such diverse areas as international law, contract law, defense legal services and judicial legal services. A paralegal specialist is involved in research, processing legal claims and appeals, and preparing records of hearings, investigations and court martials.

36B Financial Management Technician
Finance specialists like the Financial Management Technician organize and maintain Guard financial records. Their responsibilities include computing payroll and allowances, preparing payments and cash disbursements for Guard personnel, and auditing financial and accounting records.

42A Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources (HR) Specialists help Soldiers develop their Guard careers, and provide personnel support to all Guard divisions. HR Specialists’ duties include maintaining personnel records, coordinating evaluations and promotions, and processing recommendations for awards and decorations. They also oversee Soldier requests for ID cards and tags, leaves of absence and passes.

42R Army Bandsperson
Music plays an important role in the Army. Members of Army bands are involved in the vibrant tradition of performing at Army ceremonies, parades, concerts, festivals, dances and many other events. Musicians perform in a variety of ensembles ranging from ceremonial band to jazz band to small ensembles, playing all styles of music.

46S Public Affairs Mass Communications Specialist
Public affairs specialists help create and disseminate the Guard’s stories through all forms of mass communications. 

56M Chaplain Assistant 
Chaplain Assistants are members of the Chaplain Corps. While National Guard chaplains provide for the spiritual needs of Soldiers, chaplain assistants provide much-needed support to the chaplains during missions and everyday activities. A chaplain assistant primarily provides support for the unit ministry team worship services, and may also coordinate programs and ministry activities, maintain physical security of chaplains and ministry facilities and vestments, and train Soldiers about different religions, cultures and customs.

42nd RSG

The 42nd Regional Support Group provides mission command to assigned or attached units performing sustainment and security missions in support of local civil authorities. The mission is the protection of life, property and the preservation of peace, order, and public safety.