Reserve Components

Conditional Release

Drilling members and IRR members of other reserve components are eligible to transfer to the Army National Guard provided they have a DD Form 368 (Request for Conditional Release) signed by the approving authority in their chain of command. The conditional release allows the servicemember to process for enlistment into the Army National Guard as a prior service applicant. The servicemember remains a member of their current unit until a DD Form 4 is signed enlisting the member into the Army National Guard. Once a DD Form 4 is executed the servicemember is discharged from their original component.

Basic Combat Training

If the servicemember never completed Army or Marine Corps basic training they will be required to attend Army Basic Combat Training. The only exception to this rule are servicemembers who completed training for USAF or USN Special Operations or USAF Security Police.


Incentives received from the original reserve component may or may not be transferable to the Army National Guard.

Get Started

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