SPIES Training

Atlantic City, NJ

The New Jersey Air and Army Guard team up for a SPIES demonstration during the Atlantic City Air Show. Check out the entire picture album on flickr.

Guard Today

"... that leaves a lot of Guardsmen ready to help. And if our governors call on them, I know they’ll be ready, because they’re always ready"
- President Barack Obama

The New Jersey National Guard
The New Jersey National Guard consists of more than 8,300 members and is governed through the New Jersey Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs. Both the Army Guard and Air Guard have served and remain engaged in Global War on Terrorism missions. New Jersey units have deployed to Oman, Turkey, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Germany and Egypt in direct support of the war. Within the State of New Jersey, under the Governor’s control, the Guard is routinely called upon to provide military support to civil authorities during civil emergencies, natural disasters and significant severe weather events. The New Jersey National Guard has also deployed to assist with the recovery from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Florida. The state also participated in Operation Jump Start to enhance border security in New Mexico.

Transforming to meet Contemporary Needs
While the New Jersey National Guard continues to be called upon to serve both State and Nation at an unprecedented operational tempo, both the Army and Air components are engaged in the U.S. Department of Defense Force Transformation. This modernization of force structure, operational concepts and capabilities are designed to enhance the Guard’s role in protecting the United States against the contemporary asymmetric threats worldwide, preserving domestic tranquility and providing support to civil authorities in response to natural disasters and civil emergencies in the state.

The Army Guard transformation is centered on the Modular Force Conversion that is designed to create an agile, capabilities-based force to strengthen the Army’s capability to fight the war on terrorism. Prior to this transformation, the Army was structured for major land campaigns against similarly organized forces. Recent experience shows that this is not the optimal structure for the threats of the 21st century. As part of the Army’s modular conversion, the Army National Guard is restructuring its organizations to create forces that are more standalone and sustainable while enhancing their full-spectrum capabilities. The 44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) has been structured and manned identically to its active Army counterparts and can be combined with other BCTs or elements of the joint force, facilitating integration, interoperability and compatibility among all components. The 44th IBCT’s modular organization provides a more flexible, more capable and more rapidly deployable force.

The transformed New Jersey Army National Guard force structure is listed below.

New Jersey Army National Guard Major Commands

42nd Regional Support Group (RSG)
117th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
119th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
508th Military Police Company
328th Military Police Combat Support Company
50th Chemical Company
154th Quartermaster Company
50th Finance Management Company
253rd Transportation Company
143rd Transportation Company

44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT)
1st Battalion 114th Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion 113th Infantry Regiment
3rd Battalion 112th Field Artillery Regiment
104th Engineer Battalion
1st Battalion 102nd Cavalry Squadron
250th Brigade Support Battalion

57th Troop Command (TC)
1-150th Assault Helicopter Battalion
444th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
21st Civil Support Team
63rd Army Band

254th Regiment (Combat Arms)
1st Battalion (Infantry)
2nd Battalion (Modular Training Battalion)
Regional Training Site - Maintenance (RTS-M)

Joint Training, Training Development Center (JT2DC)

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