Militia Museum


The National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey is located in both Sea Girt and Lawrenceville. This organization has the mission of preserving and explaining the military heritage of New Jersey, enhancing public understanding of how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped our state and national experience. The Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to assist in the collection, preservation and display of artifacts and related memorabilia, which has specific historical significance to the Army National Guard, the Air National Guard, and the Naval Militia of New Jersey.

Museum headquarters is in Sea Girt. The Sea Girt Main Museum presents the role of the New Jersey Militia and National Guard within the context of the larger history of the state, using original and reproduction uniforms, weapons, photographs, artifacts and art from the period of Dutch, Swedish and British colonization through the War for Independence, Civil War and World Wars I and II to the present day, paying particular attention to the diversity of the New Jersey citizen soldier and his or her experience.

The Artillery Annex to the Militia Museum of New Jersey is located at the Artillery Armory in Lawrenceville. Items on exhibit include weapons, uniforms and other equipment from various periods of service. There are two rooms dedicated to military memorabilia from the Civil War and a “Model Room” with over one hundred small-scale models of military equipment in addition to equipment captured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In the Drill Hall is the work area for the Cannon Shop with several pieces of military equipment on display. Additionally, about 15 tanks, vehicles and cannon are on display outside.


Visit the Militia Museum website for more information including hours and locations.


62,411 Army and 10,456 Air National Guard members were mobilized in 1990-1991 for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.