GI Bill


The GI Bill is a federally funded program administered by the military services and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Each GI Bill program offers 36 months of educational assistance for full-time study. Students attending half-time receive a maximum of 72 months of benefits. Payments are pro-rated for part-time study.

Soldiers may receive up to 36 months in any one VA educational assistance program and a maximum of 48 months of combined benefits. VA educational assistance programs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606). See below.
  • Army National Guard Kicker Program. See below.
  • Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty (Chapter 30)
  • Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP – Chapter 32)
  • Vietnam Era GI Bill (Chapter 34)
  • Survivors’ & Dependents’ Education Assistance Program (DEA – Chapter 35)
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)

Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve $384/month

The Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) program may be available to you if you are a traditional drilling Soldier of the Army National Guard. You may use the MGIB-SR for any degree program (Associate through Doctoral), certificate or correspondence courses, cooperative training, independent study programs, apprenticeship or on-the-job training, trade or vocational school, and flight training programs. All schools/programs must be VA approved. The Montgomery GI Bill is a federal benefit and not limited to New Jersey.

Eligibility for this program may be established only one time in a Soldier’s career. Eligibility lasts for 14 years as long as the Soldier remains in a drilling status in the Army National Guard. The VA makes the tax-free payments directly to the Soldier receiving benefits. Payments are pro-rated for part-time study. Visit the GI Bill Rate Table website for current rates under the MGIB-SR.

MGIB-SR Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a member in good standing of the Army National Guard.
  • Enlist, reenlist, or extend in the Army National Guard for a period of not less than 6 years. If you are an officer, you must agree to serve six years in addition to any current obligation.
  • Complete Initial Active Duty Training (IADT). Officers who have not previously completed IADT must complete Officer Basic Course (OBC) to be eligible for the GI Bill benefit.

Army National Guard Kicker – $350/month

Soldiers may be eligible to receive additional GI Bill benefits through the Army National Guard Kicker program. The Kicker program is not an entitlement and Soldiers must meet the eligibility requirements and sign a valid Kicker contract in order to qualify. Payments are pro-rated for part-time study.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to receive the Kicker, Soldiers must be eligible to receive a basic GI Bill benefit (Chapter 1606 or Chapter 30).
  • Soldiers are not eligible to receive Kicker benefits until completion of Initial Active Duty Training (IADT).
  • In addition to the basic criteria, applicants/Soldiers must also meet the specific criteria for their Army National Guard Kicker category as specified below.

Non-Prior Service Applicants

  • Enlist in an active status of not less than 6 years in the Army National Guard.
  • Enlist into a valid, vacant position designated as a critical skill.
  • Score 50 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

Prior Service Applicants 

  • Enlist in an active status of not less than 6 years in the Army National Guard.
  • Must be E-5 or below and enlist for 6 years DMOSQ in a critical skill.

Current Army National Guard Soldiers

  • Reenlists/extends DMOSQ as the primary position holder in the grade of E-5 or below.
  • Reenlists/extends for a minimum six years of service.
  • Soldiers serving their initial 6 year service obligation may reenlist/extend for the Kicker after completion of 3 years of service. Soldiers serving a second or subsequent enlistment may reenlist or extend for the Kicker at any time up to the grade of E-7.

Officer / Warrant Officer Producing Programs
A Soldier entering an Officer/Warrant Officer producing program is eligible for the $350 Army National Guard Kicker provided they qualify for Chapter 1606 or Chapter 30 and meet the following requirements:

  • Current Kicker Recipients (Bump-Up)
    An Enlisted Soldier with a $100 or $200 Kicker entering a commissioning program may receive a supplement to $350. Note: No additional six-year military obligation is required.
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)
    An Enlisted Soldier with a six-year military obligation, and without a previous Kicker contract, who is in the OCS (09S) Program, is eligible to complete a Kicker addendum upon completion of Phase 1 of OCS but before the date of commission.
  • Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS)
    An Enlisted Soldier without a previous Kicker contract, who is enrolled in the Warrant Officer Candidates Program, is eligible to complete a Kicker addendum after being placed on orders as a WOC but before the date of commissioning. The Soldier may have to extend in order to have a concurrent 6-year service obligation from the date of the Kicker contract.
  • Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
    A Soldier enrolled in ROTC (09R) without a previous Kicker contract is eligible to complete a Kicker addendum with a six-year military obligation upon contracting in the ROTC Advance Course but before the date of commissioning.

More information

For current GI Bill information visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

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