Judge Advocate General 

In 1775, General George Washington established the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General (JAG Officer), making it the oldest law firm in the United States. Today there are over 900 JAG officers in the Guard who not only protect our rights and laws, but also advise and defend our Soldiers. National Guard Judge Advocates train and prepare for missions in the same manner as their Active Duty counterparts.

soldiers first, lawyers always

JAG Corps officers investigate, prosecute and defend those charged with crimes in the military, provide legal advice for Soldiers and work with international contracts. As an officer in the JAG Corps and a practicing attorney or judge, your responsibilities will cover a wide range of practices including military law, criminal prosecution, international law and legal assistance, both in the U.S. and abroad. The JAG Corps deals in all the same areas of law as civilian practices, making the transition to a civilian legal career effortless. You will be able to have varied and developmental practice opportunities during your JAG career:

  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Assistance
  • Civil Litigation
  • Administrative Law
  • Labor Law
  • International Law
  • Operational Law
  • Medical Law
  • Contract Law

JAG Eligibility Requirements

In order to become a JAG officer, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Be of good moral standing and character
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and a record of proven scholastic ability
  • Meet security clearance requirements
  • Be a U.S. citizen (dual citizenship is not allowed)
  • Hold a JD from an ABA-accredited law school
  • At the time of entry into service, be admitted to the bar of the highest court of any State, Commonwealth, or Territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia
  • Be under the age of 33 at the time of entry into the JAG Corps.  Years of prior commissioned military service will increase the age limit.  Waivers for those exceeding age limitations are considered in meritorious cases.

More Information

For more information about JAG opportunities in the New Jersey Army National Guard please contact our JAG Recruiter or visit the Army JAG Corps website.

JAG Corps

On July 29, 1775, General George Washington insisted that the Continental Congress appoint a lawyer to help with the many courts-martial being conducted. Colonel William Tudor is appointed as the first U.S. Army Judge Advocate General.

  • Brigadier General R. Patrick Huston, Commander of The Judge Advocate General’s Law Center and School, with leaders of the Hispanic National Bar Association. BG Huston provided remarks at the Young Lawyers and Students Division reception. #goarmyjag #hnba #hispanicnationalbarassociation #armyjagcorps
  • COL Warren Wells participating in the Male Allies panel at the 11th Annual Ms. JD conference. This year’s theme was “Speak Up,” and this panel discussed how male allies can work to make the legal profession more inclusive for women. #goarmyjag #msjdspeakup #msjd
  • LTC LaJohnne Morris, Chief of the Judge Advocate Recruiting Office, speaking on the Express Mentoring—Military panel at the 11th Annual Ms. JD Conference. LTC Morris talked about what traits we look for when choosing new members of our Army JAG team and what it’s like being a female leader in the #ArmyJAGCorps 
#goarmyjag #msjd #msjdspeakup
  • BG Susan Escallier giving remarks at the closure of the 2019 Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition, hosted by #AmericanRedCross. This competition began in 2014 and is the only annual legal competition in North America with a concentration on international humanitarian law. Congratulations to all of the teams for their impressive performances!
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  • Awesome Army Court of Criminal Appeals outreach argument at George Washington University Law School. Many thanks to the GW Military Law Society and National Security Law Association for hosting us! #goarmyjag #gwulaw #militaryjustice #jagcorps
  • We had a great time at the Mid-Atlantic Black Law Students Association Regional Convention in Annapolis last week! @nblsa #goarmyjag