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Newark, NJ

The 63rd Army Band along with other New Jersey Army National Guard soldiers march in Newark's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Emergency Instructions

Red Cross Emergency Assistance
The American Red Cross wants members of the National Guard, Reserves and other community-based military personnel to get to know them before you need them. All too often, members of the Reserves and National Guard don't know about available Red Cross services until they are mobilized. Knowing in advance that communication links, access to financial assistance and counseling will be available in an emergency brings peace of mind to the military and to the families from whom they are separated. Similarly, knowing that Red Cross services are available to inactive service members and their family members provides a safety net in times of need.

What to do if your soldier is away at training
In an emergency, you need to do one of two things: You may contact your soldier's Commanding Officer at the training site directly. Refer to the training unit's webpage for contact information. Also, you can contact your local Red Cross office, and they will relay the emergent information to your soldier and his/her training cadre. In certain instances, such as a death in the family, your soldier may be given leave to go home and attend the funeral. This may delay his/her training, however.

Red Cross
Emergency Notification Instructions

Emergency number: 1-877-272-7337

When calling the Red Cross they will ask for the following information:

  1. Service members Rank and Pay Grade
  2. Service members Name
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Service Branch
  5. Military Address and Unit
  6. Zip Code/APO/FOP
  7. Duty Phone
  8. Nature of the Red Cross Message
  9. Person Making Request
  10. Verification Information: Patient/Deceased Name
  11. Relationship to Service member
  12. Hospital/Attending Physician/Contact/Phone
  13. Coroner/Phone
  14. Funeral Home Name/Phone
  15. Diagnosis/Prognosis/Recommendation

Be prepared to answer all questions!
The Red Cross will provide you with a Control or Case Number. Write it down for future phone calls related to this notification.

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