Warrant Officer Candidate School

Section I
Warrant Officer Candidate School Enlistment Option (09W)

a. Warrant Officers Federal Recognition: NGR 600-101
b. Service Obligations: AR 135-91
c. WO Predetermination Checklist: SMOM 17-033
d. WO Security Clearance: SMOM 17-047
e. WO OPAT MOS List: DA PAM 611-21 Figure 8-4-1
f. WO Physical Requirements: PPOM 18-019

9-10. Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) Enlistment Option
g. This option is used to allow Prior Service Non Commissioned officers, with the minimum DA WO MOS proponency requirements, to become a warrant officer in the ARNG. This option offers the opportunity for separating active duty Non-commissioned Officers to apply for entrance into the ARNG Warrant Officer Education System (WOES). Enlisted status within the ARNG is required for WOES application submission. Applicants will have one year from the date of enlistment to be appointed as a Warrant Officer Candidate. Every effort should be made by the Soldier’s chain of command to facilitate the Warrant Officer accession process. This enlistment option does not apply to Aviation flight applicants. To be eligible for enlistment for the Technical Warrant Officer Enlistment option, PS applicants must:

(1) Must have served in any Active or Reserve Component of the U.S. Armed Forces, including ARNG and ANG with no more than a 12 month break in service from last separation.
(2) Meet the enlistment eligibility standards of AR 601-210.
(3) Be a U.S. Citizen.
(4) Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) GT Score of 110.
(5) Pass the three event standard Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
(6) Meet the physical standards for appointment per AR 40-501, Chapter 2.
(7) Less than 44 years of age.
(8) Able to attain security clearance required for qualification in WO MOS.
(9) Possess the required enlisted feeder MOS for the warrant officer vacancy posted on the REQUEST system as stated on www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant.
(10) Meet the minimum DA MOS proponent prerequisites as posted under Warrant Officer MOSs on www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant.
(11) Meet the mental, physical and moral requirements in NGR 600-101.

(a) PS applicants with remaining Military Service Obligation (MSO) must enlist for the balance of their MSO even though they may only participate in the Selected Reserve for one year. Any remaining MSO will then be served in the USAR's Individual ready Reserve (IRR) or initiate a DA Form 4836 to extend their enlistment. Applicants whose MSO was terminated, as a result of an unfavorable discharge per AR 601-210, are not eligible for this enlistment option.

(b) Applicants must understand and agree to the participation requirements prior to enlistment. The following statement will be entered in the remark section of the DD Form1966 series “Record of Military Processing-Armed Forces of the United States” or DA Form 7249-R “Certification and Acknowledgement of Service Requirements and Methods of Fulfillment for Individuals Enlisting or Transferring into Units of the Army National Guard upon REFRAD/Discharge from Active Army Service”. “I understand that I am required to perform my enlisted duties commensurate with my pay grade and MOS while compiling and submitting the required DA MOS Predetermination packet (PDP). I understand I will not be competitive for promotion under the ARNG enlisted promotion system while awaiting attendance of WOCS. I further understand that if I fail to submit a complete PDP within 365 days of ARNG accession, if I am ineligible/denied Warrant Officer Predetermination, fail to complete WOCS within 12 months of PDP selection, fail to complete WOBC within 24 months of appointment to WO1, or are ineligible/denied Federal Recognition, any of the following actions may be taken based on the needs of the Organization. I will either be:

(1) Required to fulfill my contractual obligation with the ARNG in my duty MOS, or in a duty position based on the needs of the ARNG.
(2) Administratively reduced to the grade authorized by the position to which I am assigned.
(3) Discharged and transferred to the USAR Control Group.
(4) Discharged from the ARNG in my present grade, providing no Military Service Obligation (MSO) exists. Provided I have no remaining MSO, I may request discharge in the event I become ineligible for the WO program prior to the completion of WOCS.
(5) Applicant was counseled concerning Prior Service RC Warrant Officer Enlistment Option 09W.

(a) All PS applicants enlisting into the ARNG under Chapter 4 of this criteria, regardless of component, who have not completed an Army BCT, U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) BT, completed training for U.S. Air Force or Navy Special Operations Forces or U.S. Air Force Security Police during previous military service are required to attend Army BCT.

h. Processing waivers for WOCS applicants. Age waivers for applicants enlisting for the PS Technical WO option are not authorized. Note: Refer to SMOM 18-075 Para 4 for additional waiver guidance.

Section II
High School To Flight School

a. Security Clearance Requirement: SMOM 17-047

9-10. High School to Flight School
i. As part of the 09W program, Non-Prior Service applicants can be enlisted under this program for “FLIGHT SCHOOL” only. This is the ARNG version of the Active Army’s “High School to Flight School” program.

(1) The Soldier must be a high school graduate.
(2) Must meet all prerequisites for appointment to Warrant Officer (NGR 600-101) and for flight school.
(3) They will enlist as a 09W and be scheduled for BCT, WOCS and flight school. Split training is not authorized.
(4) The recruit must be enlisted based on a valid or preserved aviation vacancy or excess within the 125% over strength as authorized by NGB PPOM.
(5) Recruiters must obtain endorsement from the state CCWO (Command Chief Warrant Officer) and SAO (State Aviation Officer) prior to enlistment.
(6) Program availability is limited by allocated aviation training seats (IERW) to the applicable state/territory as well as training funds allocated by ARNG-HRR. Training path and funding must be coordinated prior to enlistment with ARNG-AVO and ARNG-HRR.
(7) If the Soldier does not complete flight school they may come back to the ARNG attend AIT and be retained as an enlisted member or separate them from the ARNG for failure to complete initial training.

j. Change to original Enlistment option:

(1) Soldiers who desire to change their original enlistment agreement to 09S Enlistment option prior to completing IET, must receive prior approval from ARNG-HRR (ROC).
(2) The following documents must be submitted with the waiver request.

(a) Letter from Soldier explaining the reasons.
(b) Approved memorandum from RR Commander.
(c) Approved endorsement from State G1.

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