Split Training Option

Section I
Split Training Option (STO)

a. SMOM 17-046 High School Letter
b. SMOM 16-001 NPS STO Eligible MOSs / RENOs into OSUT
c. SMOM 14-035 College Enrollment Letter
d. SMOM 17-055 Driver's License - Refer to Para 10d for STO
e. High School Letter

5-60. Split Training Option (IAW AOC)
a. The Split Training Option (STO) allows an ARNG Soldier to complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) during two separate training cycles. Under STO, a Soldier is ordered to BCT (Phase I of Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) only and allowed to return to the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) and attend regularly scheduled training assemblies. Within one year of completing BCT, these Soldiers will be ordered to AIT (Phase II of IADT) and complete their required MOS training.

(1) Soldiers enlisting for STO will remain assigned to the RSP. They are required to perform all scheduled periods of IADT between Phase I and II. At the discretion of the RRB-CDR and unit Commander, the Soldier may attend Annual Training (AT) between Phase I and II (See AR 135-91).

(2) The STO is the only authorized training option for CIHSJR (Currently in High School Junior).

(3) MEPS personnel must ensure current High School students attending (Phase I) BCT only have their Mandatory Return Date (MRD) annotated on their IADT orders. The MRD date will be established in coordination with a valid letter from the high school indicating the first day of class. See High School Letter IAW SMOM 17-046.

b. Eligibility (NPS Only).

(1) To be eligible to enlist under the STO, applicants must:

(a) Meet the enlistment eligibility standards as outlined in this criteria.
(b) Be classified as a CIHSJR, HSSR, College Student, or a seasonal worker as outlined in AR 601-210.
(c) Enlist for the 6x2 or 8x0 authorized period of enlistment only.
(d) Enter IADT (Phase I) within 270 days of enlistment. Waivers or exceptions to this requirement are not authorized.
(e) Complete the generated Guidance Counselor Resource Center (GCRc) Guard Annex(s) for enlistment.
(f) Must remain fully eligible through MOSQ.

Note: IAW SMOM 17-041 Para 5c, STO Soldiers do not need to retake the OPAT prior to AIT even if the AIT start date is beyond 12 months from the initial OPAT test.

(2) GNPS/PS applicants are not eligible for the STO. However, applicants enlisting in the Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) from the United States Army Reserve (USAR) and who were originally scheduled to train under the STO, may continue to complete IADT under this option upon enlistment.

(3) AR 601-210 outlines the criteria for training requirements for Soldiers who enlisted under the STO.

(4) Complete NGB Form 594-4 (Army National Guard Split Training Option Addendum). Note: Outdated guidance. STO agreement is covered in Guard Annex Section IV generated at MEPS.

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