Native / Heritage Speaker

Section I
Native / Heritage Speaker (09L)

09L Option is suspended IAW current AOC

9-22. Purpose
The 09L - Native/Heritage Speaker enlistment option is established for applicants who possess the language skills and cultural awareness of location(s) where the United States deploys service members in support of current operations. Applicant(s) enlisting in this option will serve in positions where they may be deployed worldwide, either as individual(s) or as a unit to serve as Linguist/Liaison Representatives attached to DoD organization(s) deploying into an area of operations in which the applicant(s) is fluent in the language and culture of that area.

9-22. Eligibility (NPS/GNPS/PS)
The 09L Native/Heritage Speaker enlistment option is available to ARNG applicants who meet basic eligibility standards of AR 601-210 (including MEPS physical standards) and who:

a. For the English Language:

(1) Score at least a 50 on the English Comprehension Language Test (ECLT) to be initially accepted into this program. If otherwise qualified and score from 50 to 79 on the ECLT, applicants will be scheduled for English language training at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC). Applicants achieving less than 50 on the ECLT are not eligible for this program. This requirement will not be waived. The American Language Comprehension Placement Test (ALCPT) may be substituted when the ECLT is not available. Scores outlined for ECLT above will apply for the ALCPT.
(2) Applicants are ultimately qualified when they achieve an ECLT/ALCPT score of at least 80 and an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) score in English of L2/S2. The ECLT/ALCPT requirement may be waived, on an exception basis, for those scoring a minimum of 75. Waivers may be recommended by DLIELC to ARNG-HRH for consideration.

b. For the Target Language, applicants must be administered the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) if one exists for the language or an OPI if a DLPT is not available. Applicants must achieve at least a score of 2+ in listening (L2+) and speaking (S2+) on the OPI, which will be telephonically administered at the Military Entrance Processing Station(MEPS) by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC). A reading test will also be administered directly following the OPI and applicants must score at least a one in reading (R1). Individuals taking the DLPT will be required to score a two in reading (R2) and listening (L2) in the target language to be qualified to enter the 09L MOS. The DLPT will be administered at the MEPS to applicants who score above 79 on the ECLT/ALCPT, and at DLIELC upon completion of English training for applicants who score 50 to 79 on the ECLT/ALCPT.

c. Meet the U.S. citizenship standards outlined in AR 601-210.

(1) Applicants who are immigrant aliens who have been lawfully and permanently admitted to the United States are eligible for enlistment as a 09L. The requirement to obtain U.S. Citizenship within 8 years of service is hereby rescinded per AR 601-210. As long as the applicant or Prior Service Soldier is a US Citizen or a lawfully permanent resident alien and is otherwise qualified; they may enlist or reenlist without constraint.
(2) Applicants will be advised that they will be eligible for participation in the Accelerated Citizenship Program (ACP) upon enlistment under the 09L - Native/Heritage Speaker program and meeting the requirements of the ACP. The ARNG will assist applicants in processing their individual applications for citizenship through the ACP. Applicants will understand that the ARNG is not the approving authority for citizenship and can not grant or guarantee approval of citizenship.

d. Will be administered the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) while at the MEPS:

(1) Applicants will be eligible for 09L enlistment if ASVAB score is ten or above. Applicants with an ECLT/ALCPT score of 50 to 79, and who subsequently attend English language training, will retake the ASVAB or AFCT after completion of English training at DLIFLC. If the applicant’s ASVAB score is less than ten after completion of DLIELC, they will be processed for separation IAW NGR 600-200, chapter 6.
(2) Applicants who score greater than 79 on the ECLT/ALCPT and less than ten on the ASVAB are not eligible for enlistment under this program.

e. Will be subject to counterintelligence screening as well as traditional National Agency Check/Local Records and Credit Check (NACLAC). INSCOM conducts additional counter intelligence screening of the recruits. Applicants will be advised that in order to obtain a security clearance higher than Entrance National Agency Check (ENTNAC), they must be a U.S. Citizen and successfully pass an ENTNAC.
f. Are high school graduates or non-high school graduates and meet all other prerequisites contained in this section of this program, to include both English and target language standard and ASVAB standard listed above are eligible for enlistment. Applicants that cannot prove education completion because they are from a country affected by the Global War On Terrorism (i.e. Iraq or Afghanistan) may apply for an exception to policy and enlist without proving education status. Exceptions will be submitted to ARNG-HRH through GCRC. Criteria for the exception to policy are as follows:

(1) All means to obtain education documentation must be exhausted.
(2) Must have an ECLT/ALCPT score of 50 or above (no exceptions).
(3) Applicant must understand the requirements to achieve an AFQT of ten or higher and an ECLT of 80 or higher at the completion of DLIELC training.
(4) Statement from the applicant affirming their education completion and reasons why it is impractical to obtain education documents.
(5) Statement from the RRNCO or Recruiting and Retention Section Chief (RRSC) as to what measures were taken to obtain the applicant’s education documents.
(6) ECLT/ALCPT result, AFQT, target language OPI scores must be included in request for exception to policy.

g. Meet current moral/legal requirements of the AR 601-210. Applicants will be denied enlistment if they require an enlistment waiver for any offenses above minor non-traffic. Drug and Alcohol Test (DAT) waivers are not authorized. Exceptions to policy are not authorized.
h. Meet medical standard outlined in AR 601-210.
i. NPS or PS applicants must be processed for enlistment at MEPS.
j. Will enlist for a period of service as outlined in AR 601-210.
k. Will enlist up to the pay grade of E-4/SPC. Promotion beyond E-4 will be per AR 600-8-19.

9-22. Training Requirements
a. NPS applicants will be required to completed language training as outlined above and attend nine weeks of BCT followed by prerequisite training required by the 09L MOS.
b. GNPS and PS applicants who have completed Army or Marine Corps BCT will be required to complete prerequisite training required by the 09L MOS.
c. GNPS and PS applicants who were members of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard and their reserve components, who have not completed a minimum of six or eight weeks of U.S. Army or U.S. Marine Corps basic training will be required to complete Army Basic Training as outlined in AR 601-210.

9-22. Waivers
a. Waivers or exceptions to policy. In exceptional cases requests for waiver or exceptions to policy are considered. Requests will follow standards and be submitted through the process outlined in AR 601-210.
b. Waiver authority for ECLT/ALCPT: ARNG-HRH.
c. Waiver(s) for DLPT/OPI will be coordinated through ARNG-HRH to Army G-1 for approval.

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