Section I
Operational References

JPAS Errors Guide: SMOM 14-028 attachment
DD Form 368 for Army IRR: SMOM 15-006
IET RENO Procedures: SMOM 15-009
REFRAD Temporary Medical: SMOM 15-011
Assignment of Female Soldiers: Army Directive 2016-01 / PPOM 16-024 / PPOM 17-002
Religious Accommodations: PPOM 17-010
Tattoo ETP: SMOM 15-045

Section II

X-4. Closures
The following are closed for accession. ETPs must be approved.


X-2. MOSs Open to Females
G-1 Policy 20150629 - 12B and 13B are open for enlistment.

X-2. No SRIP for Rear Dets
G-1 Policy 20141022 - Rear Det UIC's are open for enlistment. However, if an incentive is attached to a para/line in a Rear Det UIC that incentive will be DELETED by the MEPS Guidance Counselors when processing the vacancy. There are NO, repeat, NO incentives for Rear Det vacancies even if they appear in AUVS, GIMS, Temp Res, etc.

X-1. SLRP for 09S/OCS
G-1 Policy 20170307 - 09S w/ SLRP is authorized. The following statement is required to be on the DD Form 1966 in the remarks section: "I must upon being commissioned accept a valid vacant position in any Area of Concentration as the primary position holder or my eligibility for the SLRP incentive will be terminated".

Section III

X-9. Prior Service BCT
ROC Message 20170404 - All PS applicants who are required to attend BCT will attend the 6 week course at FT Leonard Wood. PS applicants will not attend PSBCT if their MOS requires attendance at One Station Unit Training (OSUT). All PS applicants who have had a break in service of over 3 years will attend PSBCT. Break in service is defined as no affiliation since last period of service, to include the IRR, regardless of component. Below are the RECSTAs for the modified Prior Service Basic Combat Training (PSBT) 5/1, 5/22, 6/26, 7/17, 8/21, 9/11. While making the reservation in REQUEST, clicking the WTC option for training using one of the above RECSTAs will prompt the PSBCT option. A SMOM detailing this program will follow shortly.

X-8. OPAT 30 Day Window
ROC Message 20170309 - Due to the overall success of first time OPAT testers meeting their MOS OPAT requirements the 120 day ship window is no longer mandatory. The earliest date a new enlistee can have a reservation pulled is 30 days or later due to the time it takes to receive the back ground investigation results. States are encouraged to fill the earliest seats available to improve the ARNG's monthly training seat utilization rates. All scheduled shippers that have passed their OPAT test should be considered for renegotiation to the left and ship as soon as possible to IET.

X-7. OPAT RENOs / Pre-Accession OPAT
ROC Message 20170203 - Due to JPAS/T-3 requirements, all SMs that meet OPAT qualifications and desire a RENO for an earlier ship date must be cleared by NGB-ASO by doing the following steps:
  • Submit a Suitability workflow to the ASO
  • The comments need only read, "RENO request for earlier ship date".
  • The ASO will verify the JPAS status with OPM to ensure the case is scheduled.

The RENO for earlier ship date may be processed after the above requirement has been met and the workflow has been approved. A DA 4187 to NGB ROC will NOT be required. Applicants who take and pass the OPAT prior to accession for their desired MOS are exempt from the 120 day OPAT rule. However, they will not obtain a ship date less than 30 days from the date of enlistment to allow for JPAS submission.

X-6. Permanent Resident Aliens Guidance
NGB Email 20161228 - DCS, Army G-1, confirmed that lawful Permanent Resident Aliens (PRTs) may ship to training when the RRB is in receipt of favorable FBI fingerprint checks (LIVE SCAN) and upon submission of the applicant's Personnel Security Investigation and National Intelligence Agency Check. ARNG must maintain a list of all PRT enlistee's that shipped without NIAC results and be able to provide an update upon request. RRB Operations personnel will communicate this requirement with the ASO, Ft. Knox, KY. Mr. Williamson has sent out sent guidance to the MEPS GCs and will provide any additional information as needed.

X-5. CATIV Guidance
ROC Message 20161216 - PRA applicants no longer need to have their ship dates pushed out 180 days to meet NIAC approval per current NGB ASO guidance. However, they must still meet the 120 day ship policy per OPAT guidance. PRA applicants are now eligible to enlist as CAT IVs pending they meet all CAT IV requirements per the AOC/WASP, but they must still meet OPAT qualifications prior to shipping during the mandated ship window for CAT IVs. No CAT IV control numbers will be issued prior to Tuesday 20 December, but will be given the day of processing when the applicant is fully qualified. All MEPS will have the opportunity to enlist as many as they can floor on that day only.

X-4. Suspension of NIAC for PRA
ASO Email 20161216 - Department of the Army, G-1, has authorized the requirement for Permanent Resident Aliens (PRA) not to ship without required NIAC results has been suspended effective released of this message. Those PRAs CURRENTLY in the RSP/RFP that request to ship early can do so without exception to NIAC policy, must have JPAS submission be in "Case Scheduled" status, favorable fingerprint results and passed OPAT, no exception to this requirement will be granted.

Please keep in mind that training seats may not be available and current renegotiation polices must be followed. ASO will continue to monitor NIAC submissions and results. PRA Soldiers that return with derogatory NIAC results will be cancelled by ASO. Soldiers whose results return as derogatory after shipping will be processed for discharge through the LNOs at the training base.

NOTE: Favorable results are FP results that confirm there are no law violation(s) or that validate the charge(s) that were disclosed prior to enlistment.

X-3. OPAT Ship Window
ROC Message 20161212 - Effective Immediately - The ship window is now set at 120 days out due to OPAT. No special windows will be set to accommodate any state internal policies. ALL Soldiers shipping to training on or after 27 December 2016 must take and pass the OPAT for their MOS. .

X-2. 13D / 13P Conversion to 13J
ROC Message 20160428 - There are no more 13D or 13P IET seats available to pull reservations against. These 2 MOSs are converting to 13J with training available starting in Aug 2016. States MUST update their UMR to reflect the new MOS before sending the applicant to MEPS. REQUEST will not allow a reservation to be made until this change occurs.

X-1. Real ID Guidance
ROC Email 20160121 - Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, are prohibited from recognizing driver's licenses and identification cards that are deemed non-compliant according to the REAL ID Act. Individuals using a driver's license from the states of Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico or Washington will have to use another approved form of identification at this time to enter U.S. military installations. Additional forms of identification that may be used in conjunction with a state driver's license to request access to the installation are as follows: Real ID Guidance.

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